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Storylab is a full service multi discipline digital media production company serving North America and beyond. Our principals have over 50 years of industry experience, a passion for visual storytelling, and a strong commitment to perfection, making Storylab the perfect partner for your next production. We create more than marketing videos, we make cinematic brand films.

Turnkey Production

We offer services covering all aspects of production in house. Live action filming, animation, sound recording, lighting, grip and electric, drone services, camera crane, sound design, editorial, visual effects, to name a few. Having so many resources under one roof gives your project access to more options for greater creative freedom and control, optimizing every dollar you spend.

Creative Services

From concept development to production design, we go beyond the limitations of many shoot and post companies. We listen, gathering an understanding of each client’s needs and goals. We use our experience and knowledge to become a partner in your initiative, maintaining loyalty to your brand throughout all platforms and projects.

Animation & Effects

We put both 2d or 3d animation and special effects within your reach. Animation allows for more imagination and creativity than live action to your message. It empowers you to tell stories or demonstrate nearly anything. Animation grabs attention with motion and color, explains intuitively, and can demonstrate products that are still in the pipeline.

Our Work

Some Recent Projects

We are passionate about telling our partner’s stories and we think it shows. We go beyond video production. We bring specialized tools, decades of experience, creative vision, as well as animation, post production and effects capabilities that are rarely found under one roof.

The Process

We Make Our Customers Happy

Video production can be an intimidating process. There are many details that need to be addressed throughout the project to ensure it’s success. Our years in the industry have made us uniquely qualified to navigate the numerous challenges associated with making a quality film.


Discovery, Concept Development, Script Creation, Production Design, Previsualization (storyboards, 3d, 2d, animatics)


Casting, Location scouting, Permits, Scheduling


Filming Days , Direction, VFX Supervision, Lighting, sets, props, etc…


Editing, Motion Graphics, Animation, Visual effects, Color, Music score, Sound Design

We break our projects down into 4 phases of effort, each intentional and building on the on previous step.

Our Team

Who We Are

We run a tight ship. We know the value of our work is the finished product. Our core group is built around individual creativity and command of their craft. Within our walls you won’t find a bloated, top heavy administrative team, meaning that more of every dollar is applied to the production of each project.


Creative Partner, Director

Spencer Skeen

Creative Partner, DP, Visual Effects and Animation

Tiffany Clark

Strategic Marketing

Jim Goodwin

Composer, Audio Engineer

We want to help our clients
raise the bar on their competition

To say that we partner with our clients is an understatement. To us, our clients family. We work tirelessly to make every project a success, and deliver films of the highest quality.


We Are Here For You

In addition to full service one stop production, StoryLab offers specific services on a contract basis.In house specialized equipment, experience, and dedication set us apart from the other companies. We use this advantage to raise the bar on production value when we tell your story.


We have been using drones for aerial imaging for over a decade.

StoryLab offers peerless aerial cinematography services. We have a fleet of drones to match your productions needs and budget. We are licensed (section 107) and insured. We follow the FAA’s guidelines ensuring safety and minimizing exposure for all parties. Many of our aircraft can be used with both pilot and camera operator for smother, more complex shots.

In addition to aerial video production, we serve various industries such as; Legal, Search and Rescue, Farming, Inspection, etc…

– Fleet of Multiple aircraft for a
variety of jobs
– Single or dual operator system
– 4K cameras
– Multiple lens options

Camera Crane

Graceful camera movement & new horizons for camera placement.

Camera placement and graceful movement adds production value, Way more steady than a slider, and can be adjusted to fit the tightest interiors to huge sweeping exteriors, decades of experience, Film and Live TV, Emmy awards

  • 30’ Stanton Triangle Jib
  • Remote camera head
  • Remote control of all industry standard cameras
  • Dolly track allows for compound movement
The Lab

Our studio is a unique environment where creativity thrives.

A blank canvas to foster your inspiration.

The pre lit 27’ X 19’ X 12’ tall “infinity” cyc wall can be painted to suit your project’s needs, even digital green.

Acoustic insulation on walls and ceiling to record synced sound, and our sound booth is perfect for recording voice over, narration, and ADR .

Drive in capable and large enough for a full sized automobile. A garage door provides easy access for load in and load out of equipment.

Lounge area with wifi adds comfort and productivity during your shoot.

We have a selection of lighting and support gear available

Animation / VFX / Post

Adds imagination and creativity to your message.

Almost every video can benefit from animation. Animation is not only a great way to add flair to your video but a natural too to help explain complex, abstract, or difficult to film concepts. We have over a decade of experience in a broad range of techniques, giving us a unique set of powerful tools and skills that we can bring to your project.

– 3d Character animation
– Motion Graphics
– Visual Effects
– Digital Cleanup
– 3d animation
– 2d animation
– Visual Effects

Our Studio

The StoryLab studio offers a unique environment where creatives can thrive. A blank canvas to foster your inspiration.

The pre lit 27’ X 19’ X 12’ tall “infinity” cyc wall will take your creations to a new level, and can be painted an ultimate green for those needing special effects. We also have a 15’ X 15’ green screen cloth drop for smaller projects.

We Are StorytellersWe Are DesignersWe Are PhotographersWe Like CoffeeWe Are Creative

—”Film is one of the three universal languages, the other two: mathematics and music.”—
Frank Capra

Our Skills

Our Main Skills

Decades of film and video experience, we have worked on hundreds of projects of all sizes and budgets. We have more in house services than many other larger full service production companies.

We have the gear, the people, the space, and most importantly the skills…

We bring decades of award winning experience within multiple disciplines, including film, interactive, animation, visual effects, and more.
Full service – We do Drones, Jib, Animation/VFX/Post
We are more than a production company we are creative partners in your story.



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1470 N.E. 1st street, STE 900
BEND, or 97701, United States