Tell an amazing and unique story

The drone footage is particularly stunning. They


We have been working with Michael Gough and Spencer Skeen of StoryLab for the past 5 months on a series of video projects for our newest real estate development, The Tree Farm. During this time, they have spent countless hours (including many, many late nights and early mornings) on the property capturing everything from majestic vistas to subtle vignette shots. The drone footage is particularly stunning. They’ve clearly mastered the art of using this technology to build climax and create visual reveals that make every shot tell an amazing and unique story.

Michael is an artist in his craft and his creative enthusiasm is contagious. He is one of the most dedicated and talented individuals I have ever encountered. His intense desire to learn about your business, your goals, your needs is unmatched. His creative intelligence is mind-blowing, and his warm, southern charm is refreshing.

Spencer has a quiet calm about him, but is clearly a genius in his field, a dedicated partner and always willing to go the extra mile to get “the shot”. Together, they are a dynamic duo that I truly enjoy working with.

While we’re not their biggest client, they’ve always made us feel like we’re their only client and our project is their most important priority. Their creative energy has made the process fun and inspiring.

Because of their dedication, customer service, creative energy and technical capabilities, I cannot recommend a better partner to work with in film. Their finished product is a result of years of perfectionism coming to life.

Valerie Yost
Director of Marketing
Brooks Resources

2017 StoryLab, LLC